Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Good Day

Showing off the stickers she earned from tests and procedures

Practicing walking around the crib with Gram
Jordan slept great and woke up in a fantastic mood on Friday. We will likely in the hospital for awhile so we are trying to make her room a bit more fun by decorating it with pictures/cards and creating a play space with the help of a large mat from Child Life Services. Despite our efforts to entertain her on the play mat, Jordan has the most fun while practicing walking around the room…her crib is especially useful for this as evident in the pictures above.On Friday Jordan had some scans and x-rays to determine the extent of spread to her bones. The tests showed the cancer was only in the bones around her eyes, which we already knew about….this doesn’t really impact her staging/treatment, but it certainly makes Craig and I feel better…the fewer places to worry about, the better. Jordan should get a reprieve from tests/procedures this weekend until we start prepping for the surgery on Sunday afternoon.


Erin said...

Good morning, Jordan and Mrs. Kristen! Mommy and I are up early this morning while Daddy and Grey-Grey are still asleep. We are making banana chocolate chip waffles...sure wish you guys could join us. Jordan, we are so glad that Mommy and Gram are ecorating your room and helping you learn to walk. You are getting to be so big...won't be long before you can chase me and cousin T! Daddy is painting something extra special to send you, and Mommy has some other fun goodies for you family. Daddy and I pray for you every night that you will get better really soon.

Hugs and kisses from Texas,

Paula Wilhite said...

Dear Jordan -

We love your blog and will check it regularly for news about you.

Today we will share your journey with our friends here at First Presbyterian in MP, Texas.

You are at the top of our prayer list and will be added to many prayer lists today.

All our love -

Finn's and Grey's Nana-Pops

Mae Flower and Gene Bug said...

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures and the update. I am continuing to think about you and pray for you...My thoughts will be with you tomorrow.

Michelle said...

I hope it's o.k., but I'm adding yall to every prayer list I have access to--I know that God is already with you, and that He has a divine plan for that sweet baby girl, but I want Him and yall to know how many people are lifting you up!

Allena said...

Praying hard!!

Noni said...

Sending big hugs and kisses to you baby Jordan. We love you and sending up the prayers. You are in our thoughts. We love you guys! Mike and Noni