Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Reading a magazine...just like mommy

Jordan's tongue sticking out after every spoonful of soup

Once Dr. Miller found the right nausea medication regimen, the remaining days of chemotherapy were fairly uneventful. Similar to post-surgery, Jordan rebounded quickly and went back to playing and exploring...she seemed more bothered by the IV line tethering her down than she did by the chemotherapy. It is amazing to me how quickly Jordan adapts and overcomes...I think it helps that she does not have the same psychological stresses that weigh on adults with surgery/chemotherapy...that and the fact that she is a pretty amazing little girl!

After two weeks of camping out in room 303, we were discharged home on Tuesday. It was absolutely wonderful to go home...I forgot how comforting it is to be in your own space. Nola had been on a bit of food-strike while Jordan was in the hospital and the two of them were ecstatic to reunite.

We had an oncology clinic visit today and Jordan has MIBG scans, specialized neuroblastoma tests, Thursday and Friday. Part of the follow up has been to teach me how to care for Jordan during treatment. In addition to all of the doctor appointments and tests/scans, there are a ton of medications I have to administer to Jordan each of which is an injection. I did learn how to give injections as part of patient assessment in pharmacy school, but if you ask my lab partner Erin she would probably say I need a lot of practice.

We want to thank everyone for all the love and support they have given us over the last two weeks. This has been such a difficult time for our family, but we are grateful to have family and friends to help sustain us....we are thankful for those who have visited us and called us...who have brought us food and groceries...who have sent cards, pictures, and well wishes...who have sent emails and posted messages of encouragement...who have sent toys, books, balloons, videos, and Elmos to entertain Jordan...who have sent care packages for Craig and I...and for everyone who is praying on Jordan's behalf. We are also thankful for our colleagues who have made it easy for us to be away from work and for those who have donated their own vacation time so that I can have time to care for Jordan. There is no way we can properly express the gratitude that we feel, to simply say thank you is not enough...but thank you for helping us and walking with us as we do all that we can to help Jordan through this.

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Erin said...

She definitely is a tough little girl! It is difficult to think about how long her journey will be, but she is uber blessed to have such a great set of parents and a wonderful grandmother to help her along the way.

I don't recall injections being a concern in patient was more the palpation for internal organs that haunts me! Ha!