Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yet Another Fever

The last time Jordan had this regimen of chemotherapy (round three) she did not get a fever...that has been the only round after which she has been fever free. I was hopeful, very hopeful. But in clinic last Wednesday Jordan's ANC was 10....same story, different day. She got a fever of 101 Thursday evening and we ended up back in the hospital. Bravo to Jordan on the timing because we arrived just as the snow storm was gearing up.

Jordan's chest x-ray did not show a pneumonia but she seemed to have some sort of respiratory infection. Jordan was definitely feeling pretty punky on Friday. It was probably the easiest day we have had in the hospital because all she wanted to do was lay in bed and watch kind of day. By Saturday Jordan was feeling better and wanting to explore but some of her oxygen saturation tests were low (mid 80's to low 90's). Jordan had to have a continuous oxygen monitor attached to her toe, not necessarily conducive to a toddler wanting to practice walking. Ultimately all issues resolved and we were discharged late Monday night.

As to the ongoing bruise/blood clot/partially collapsed lung dilemma...the chest x-ray showed that the spot had completely cleared. One less thing to worry about! The pulmonologist also said Jordan's reactive airway disease seemed improved and that we could taper the respiratory medications in hopes of being completely off them in a month.

We also scheduled the appointments for scans at MSKCC on March 11-12. Jordan will have bone marrow biopsies, CT scan, and MIBG scan to determine her response to the induction phase of chemotherapy. These results will also dictate her next phase of treatment. We are praying for a complete response and would love any extra prayers and positive thoughts for Jordan these next few weeks.

Our exciting news this past weekend...the return of grandparents! My mom arrived on Sunday to start a three week visit. We are so lucky to have her with us as we figure out the next steps for Jordan and our family. And Craig's parents returned from a vacation in Florida and stopped by for a visit on Sunday. Jordan was a bit overwhelmed to wake up from a nap and have three grandparents in the room staring down at her but deep down I think she was pretty excited to see them all. :)

Bad Mommy forgot to take pictures this hospitalization so I just snapped this today...I love how she thinks the bottom step is her own little chair!


maria said...

All Hail the Grandparents!!!! Long may they stay!!!
Postpartum Place

Allena said...

Does Jordan need any cute hats? There's a boutique that sells them and the proceeds benefit another neuroblastoma family... Let me know and I could send you some. :)

Michelle said...

She is so adorable!! I'm so glad to hear that the spot on her lung has cleared up! Praise God for that. And I'm anticipating great results from her next round of tests. We will continue to pray! At night, Caleb and Ellie pray for "Baby Jordan" too! :) Love yall!!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Awww grandparents make everything better!

Beth said...

Kristen! Soooo glad to hear the spot/bruise issue is gone! YAY! thanks for updating. I continue to regularly pray. Hug your Mom for me! Very glad shes up there with you!

Allena said...

I went ahead and got Jordan a hat - should be coming directly to y'all but will probably take a few weeks. Hope you like it! Fundraiser ended 3/5. If you like it, let me know, I'd love to send Jordan a few more - get my girl fever satisfied. :)

csdiva said...

We continue to pray for Jordan and keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. We ask the Lord for wonderful results after these rounds of chemo and that you would all be surrounded by His love, comfort, strength ,and peace.

Continuously Praying,