Monday, February 22, 2010

Round Five

Last week Jordan completed round five of chemotherapy, the last scheduled round of the induction phase of treatment. This round was the same medications as round three...only a few hours of infusions a day but in the hospital all week (Monday-Friday). Surprisingly, this round was the hardest on Jordan since the first round. She had more vomiting than she has ever had before, partially induced by the antibiotic she was taking to treat the C. diff infection. And her blood counts started dropping while she was still under going treatment...not necessarily surprising considering the amount of chemotherapy she has received. Jordan also contracted some sort of gastrointestinal bug in the hospital. It was a new bug, not C. diff as follow up tests for that infection were negative. Between the vomiting, diarrhea, and copious amounts of urine stimulated by the high rate of IV fluids, Jordan was tearing through outfits and bedding. I stopped counting the day we got to outfit number five by noon.

While we were in the hospital, Jordan was examined again by the pulmonologist. He still feels the spot on Jordan's lung is a partial collapse due to reactive airway disease and wants her to continue the inhaled steroid and albuterol. Conversely, our oncologists feel strongly the spot is a bruise from an IV line and do not think Jordan needs the respiratory treatments. (In further discussions they called it a bruise rather than blood clot which definitely sounds less ominous.) So we are somewhat in limbo regarding the lung issue...Craig and I do not really see any benefit from the respiratory treatments but Jordan sometimes wheezes during examinations so what do we know.

My favorite story from this hospitalization....Jordan is not a big fan of the nebulizer. She will sit still for about half of the treatment and then she gets very antsy and tries to ditch the mask. One day the respiratory therapist happened to be an attractive young man. Not only was Jordan a complete angel during the treatment, she tried to help hold the mask. My 14 month old daughter, the flirt...

Jordan loves the thermometer and the techs are nice enough to let her play with one...check out Elmo and Grover in each hand helping out

Mesmerized by an Elmo video

See the green toothbrush in Jordan's left hand...she fell asleep brushing her teeth

Standing in the bed, so against the rules

Sitting now, much better :)

Mouth open and saying ahhhh...I guess to help catch the funny!


Kale said...

Cute pics! Grey does the same thing with his mouth when he's getting his breathing treatments. Kids are so silly.

Erin said...

So many prayers that round 5 is the end for her!! I knew that the 2 of you were amazing, but having been the hospital for 3 days with Grey has reiterated it for me. She is precious...getting so big, too!