Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Harper Arrives

The newest member of our family, Harper Erin Plauschinat, arrived on Friday, September 23 at 12:04 pm. 7 lb 4 oz. 20.5 in.

Craig and I had been anxiously awaiting Harper's arrival. She was due on the 23rd, but I suspected she may be early because Jordan was three weeks early. When my doctor advised in early September that I was already dilated and Harper could arrive "any day now", it seemed like we were on course for an early birth.

But Harper held out until the end. At my appointment on the 22nd, my doctor suggested scheduling an induction for the next morning and I jumped at the chance to meet our little one. Craig and I were already prepared for the hospital since we expected Harper to come early so we decided to go on one last date night. We went to a dinner Craig described as the best meal he has ever eaten...the food was fantastic but I think our excitement and joy contributed to the sentiment.

We went to the hospital early on the morning of the 23rd, and the doctor broke my water at 7:00 am. That nudge was all that Harper needed because I began contracting every five minutes immediately. Five hours later, Harper entered the world and joined our family.

These first two weeks have gone well. Thankfully Harper has been patient as Craig and I adjust to having a little one in our lives again. (It took me ten minutes to remember how to open the stroller and pop in the car seat.) Harper already had her first doctor appointment and gained back all of her birth weight plus two ounces within the first week. Craig, Nola, and I are enjoying spending time with and getting to know Harper.

On our way home

Bundled up for the first family walk


Michelle said...

She is absolutely precious! What a gift!! Congrats again! I loved getting to hear more about her birth and see more pictures. Hope you have time to continue to add to yall's blog! Love to yall!

Erin said...

So, so, so happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet her...she's beautiful. :-)

Allena said...

Kristen, I am so happy for y'all! She is so beautiful!

Mae Flower and Gene Bug said...

She is beautiful!!! So happy for you both! What a blessing to your precious family.

Beth said...

congratulations.... beautiful....absolutely beautiful. so glad to hear all of you are doing well. sending hugs.

Megan said...

Congratulations! She's darling and I just love reading your blogs.