Monday, May 11, 2009

First Mother's Day

"Be careful what you wish for" true. We have been super busy with work and Craig's school and our home renovations, but I was hoping we would get to spend some time together as a family on Mother's Day. I did get some family time, a whole day in fact...unfortunately, Craig and I both had food poisoning and spent the entire day in bed with Jordan and Nola. (That reminds me, we need to get a king size bed!)

The day was a struggle for us and it often felt like it would never end. We tried to encourage Jordan to take a long nap or watch cartoons on Noggin...I know, solid parenting....but she was not interested in either one of our ideas. We made it through together and had a day we definitely won't forget. The worst part of the whole ordeal is that I may never again eat a CPK cobb salad and that was definitely one of my favorite dishes!

I did mention to Jordan that I can't believe I have only known her for five months...she has so profoundly impacted my life that it's at times hard to remember that I haven't always been her mother. She is the diamond in my sky and seeing her adorable smiling face when I pick her up from school is the best part of my day.

Staring at her favorite toy on her exersaucer...I call him "snail", Craig calls him"French prehistoric insect"...hmm, who is the more creative parent?

Core strength training on the beach ball.

Playing with her favorite rattle...she never gets tired of this toy.


Erin said...

Did you say a king size bed? I thought you used to be against that. :-)

plauschinat said...

That was before I got a 65 pound dog and started having children. BTW, I knew you would remind me of that!