Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is what making it looks like...

"This is what making it looks like...before you've totally made it." This is one of my new favorite quotes from a TV show that is embarrassingly enough one of Craig and my favorites. Looking around our living room cluttered with baby toys, law books, magazines, and a fireplace that has been "in progress" for a year and a half, Craig and I couldn't help but crack up when we heard it.

Anyhow, this past weekend Craig was in San Diego so Jordan and I had a girls weekend. We went to Gymboree but were the only participants in attendance. We still had a good time because Miss Elizabeth is a great teacher and a lot of fun...she is seriously Minnie Mouse incarnate. After class we stopped by the mall for lunch and a short shopping trip. Shopping for baby girl clothes is such a fun part of having a daughter. Jordan got the most adorable pair of blue jean shorts.

Jordan's new favorite game is peek-a-boo. She especially likes to play by lifting her bib over her face. I'm not positive she always intends to initiate the game when she starts playing with her bib, but she gives the best smile when she pulls the bib down and spots Craig or I making a face at her.

Stats from the five month check up today: 25.5 inches, 15 pounds 4 ounces. We got the green light to start yellow/orange fruits and vegetables...fun times ahead!

Hands to the mouth....a favorite pose of Jordan due to teething.

Shag rugs are apparently very interesting for babies.

Jordan is fascinated with my water bottles, but
she is so not getting the concept of a sippy cup yet.

Craig and Jordan debating who will make it to the NBA finals.

Breakfast with Daddy...a new part of the routine.


Erin said...

Love it! You are a great blog writer!

Mae Flower and Gene Bug said...

Jordan is so cute! I am glad to see your blog up and going...I will definetly add it to my favorites!

Michelle said...

Hi Kristen! I too am glad to see that you have a blog! They are a fun way to 'hear' stories and see cute pictures. Jordan is beautiful, just like her mama! Hope yall are doing well.

Erin said...

I feel that the blog has been abandoned. :-(