Monday, May 4, 2009

The Missing Panda Sock

One of Jordan's cutest outfits is the panda outfit which includes socks decorated with a bunch of little black and white pandas. On a regular day, Jordan is very interested in her feet -- on a day wearing the panda outfit, Jordan is enamored with her little friends on her feet.

Today I decided to dress Jordan in the panda outfit. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the other panda sock when getting her dressed for school. It was too heartbreaking to remove the one panda sock she was already wearing so we opted to send her to school in socks that didn't match...which is kind of obvious when you don't wear shoes. I'm sure the day care teachers think we are a bit goofy, but I know Jordan enjoyed her day with her panda friends.

By the way, we did recover the missing panda sock...the sock-eating dryer took pity on our situation and decided to return the missing sock.


Erin said...

Yea, yea , yea!! I am so excited to see a post. She is getting so big and is absolutely precious! When you are that cute, who cares if your socks match. :-)

Kale said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see a post this morning! Finn knows Jordan by sight, so I'm sure he'll be excited to see new pictures tonight.

Tony said...

Plauschinat Family,
My name is Eileen Kamp... you do not know me, but I recently heard about your daughter from Donna Ludwinski (who recently signed your guestbook). My son Wyatt, was diagnosed at 4 months old with Stage 4 NMYC amp Neauroblastoma.... he is now 20 months old. He went through multiple surgeries, 6 rnds chemo, High dose chemo and Bone Marrow Transplant, Radiation, and Antiboday Therapy... he is one of the strongest little guys I know and doing great! It is a long and tough road, but they are strong little kiddo's and will never remember any of it, (only you will). Please know that we are here if you ever want to talk, ask questions, or just talk to others who know somewhat what you are going through.
Take care and lots of prayers,
Eileen Kamp