Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mommy Friends

If I tried to blog about all the fabulous friends and family who have been so supportive to us since Jordan's diagnosis, it would be a really, really long blog. But it just so happens that I got a night out (and a picture thanks to Jenn) with a few of my friends last weekend.

A year ago, Jordan and I joined a mommy group at our local post-partum boutique...mainly because we were looking to get out of the house and I wasn't sure where to take a newborn. Lucky for us because we met a great group of mommies with babies all the same age as Jordan. More than any parenting website or book (and I have quite the library), these women were an invaluable source of knowledge and camaraderie to me as a new mom, especially since my mom and best friend are so far away. And this group has been a continued source of support and friendship and encouragement since Jordan's diagnosis. Jordan and I are very fortunate to count these women as our friends.

The night out was a fantastic treat and no, we didn't drink all the bottles of wine...did not even come close ;)

Jean (mommy to Emilia), Jenn (mommy to Maddie), Heather (mommy to Hudson), Alex (mommy to Jack), and Denise (mommy to Henry)

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Erin said...

Miss you so much...so happy that you have these ladies close by though!