Sunday, February 7, 2010


Jordan's blood work showed she had an ANC of 0 on Monday. With no infection fighting cells it was likely a matter of time before she got a fever and we ended up in the hospital, 99% of kids do after this course of chemotherapy...but we had made it through the weekend and I really thought Jordan would be the 1% that didn't get a fever...optimistic or foolish?!?

Anyhow, Jordan did get a fever of 101 of Tuesday evening so we headed back to Morristown. At least it wasn't in the middle of the night this time. The chest x-ray in the ER showed Jordan had pneumonia which sounds more dramatic than it really was. Her oxygen saturation was great and she did not seem that sick so the pneumonia diagnosis really only meant Jordan needed one additional antibiotic.

Jordan vomited some on Wednesday and seemed a bit ill but by Thursday was back to normal. The plan was to go home Friday...until then the wheels fell off Friday morning. It started with the nurse hearing a wheeze in Jordan's lung...which necessitated an albuterol nebulizer treatment...which stirred up mucus and caused some blockage...which dropped Jordan's oxygen saturation into the 80's (needs to be 92)...which required deep suction = HORRIBLE. Jordan did much better after the suction but Dr. Miller decided to keep Jordan on around-the-clock nebulizer treatments and also keep her in the hospital overnight to monitor Jordan's oxygen while she was sleeping.

Friday afternoon we also found out Jordan has a C. diff infection. C. diff causes diarrhea and is not uncommon in patients with multiple hospitalizations or with compromised immune it was probably a matter of time before Jordan got this infection. Luckily, Jordan is not experiencing diarrhea but she did start another antibiotic to treat the C. diff. Unfortunately, we have to be isolated to protect the other cancer patients when we are in the clinic or hospital for the two weeks of treatment plus the following no more playroom for quite awhile. :(

All was good overnight Friday so Dr. Miller came in very early to discharge us Saturday morning. I love Dr. Miller and am very appreciative that she wanted to help us maximize our time at home...especially since we are just getting a quick weekend prior to starting round five on Monday. With the added treatments for the pneumonia and C. diff (four meds, twelve doses per day), I feel like we spent much of our weekend chasing Jordan around with medicines and nebulizers but it was great to be home. We also got a visit from Maria and Kristy, two of Craig's friends, who helped Craig and I start our week of birthday celebrations with a fantastic cake.

Helping the toy move the balls down the chute

Playing with the helicopter in the hospital bed

Home and happy to see Nola...lucky dog...Jordan only smiles this big for Nola

Kristy, Craig, Jordan, and Maria

The Colts and the Longhorns, two second place finishes this year...what are the chances?!?


Erin said...

Grey got a ball popper for his birthday...not sure who loves it more, Finn or Grey! Love the flower hat! Love her good smiles...she keeps getting better and better with the camera...just takes a little getting used to it, huh? :-)

Despite the surroundings and circumstances, hope you have a wonderful birthday week! Hoping to see you in TX soon...

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

She is just too precious- I love that she seems to almost always have a huge smile on her face despite everything shes going through.

Michelle said...

Wow--I am so sorry that Jordan had to go through all of that last week. I will definitely be praying for the 5th round this week. And Happy, Happy Birthday to you tomorrow! I hope it is a day filled with love, joy and hope!

p.s. I LOVE her white flower hat! She looks fabulous in it!!

maria said...

I was so sorry to hear what was going on. I just wanted you to know that Julie and I are thinking of you and little Jordan (who's smile is contageous!) Looks like your getting the best care and I am sure she is a favorite of the doctors and nurses.
I am so glad you met such good friends here at Postpartum Place. That's a great bunch you are with and they love you all so much!
Sending all the strength, love and hope you'll need to get through this. If there is anything we can do to help you in any way, please let me know.
Maria xo